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100% guarantee that we will NEVER transfer your contacts to any third party.
They will only receive an invitation from you to learn about the Referral Money Bank opportunity.

1. Open your FREE Referral Money Bank Account and Receive Your Visa Card

There are no costs for your Referral Money Bank Account.
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2. Convert Your Contacts to Money Credit for Your Immediate Use

Convert hundreds of contacts at a time with a single click of a button
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3. Select Your Product(s) to be converted to Cash

We will promote and sell your product(s) for you to convert your money credit into CASH!
Your CASH will be deposited into your Referral Money Bank Visa Card and available immediately for use.     Select products


3. Select Your FREE Product(s) for Immediate Delivery to YOU

Your Referral Money Bank Visa Card can be used to pay for any shipping and handling costs.
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4. Continuous Additional Income

In addition, if any of these referrals become Referral Money Bank Account holders, you will receive referral bonuses of 10% on any products that they Purchase from Referral Money Bank - Forever.
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Paid on your Referral Money Bank Visa Card
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