KineticGold is a unique company dedicated in delivering the best banking platform possible to its customers.

KineticGold's goal is to make each customer more financially stable.

Summary of KineticGold's Benefits.
  1. A member receives a bank account with Kinetic Golds Off-Shore bank. This comes with a Debit Card that is branded with Visa or Mastercard, giving him access to merchants and ATMs around the world. For any Deposit that a member makes he receive a Reward of 10%. Since there is no membership fee, the benefits of Membership is immediately realized without risk.

  2. A member can promote KineticGold's banking platform and receive Profit Sharing of 1% of whatever the sponsored member deposits.

  3. The Profit Sharing continue for up to 5 generations of referrals in total. The member receives a .4% Profit Sharing on the 2nd to 5th generations. Because the 5 generation of down-line members can grow both extremely wide and deep, the number of people down-line can be grow over time to a large organization. Each deposit by a member will result in Profit Sharing for the upline members through 5 generations. This can start to add up pretty quickly. Since there are no on-going fees to participate this could represent significant income through a large organization over time.

  4. Profit Sharing can be earned by all Members.

  5. All Profit Sharing is credited immediately to the member. The site provides instant updates so the member always is aware of makeup of their group, down through 5 generations and any Profit Sharing that have been processed to their credit.

  6. The member can purchase business cards with their name printed on them plus a member's referring link. This link can be delivered even using electronic links. This enables a member to refer someone simply by given them a card. When the prospective member receives the link, they will be directed to this site. If they join the referral is already established so you get the credit for the referral.

  7. There are no special requirements in order to receive any Profit Sharing from those that you refer. All product is sold through this website. You do not make any direct sales and collect no money from customers.

  8. There are no hidden fees or charges. Even a small sponsored organization can generate a positive income for the member without ever having to put up any cash.

  9. There are no mandatory automatic auto-ship products. No filling up your garage with unwanted or overstocked products.

  10. KineticGold is poised to create the maximum income potential in comparison to Multi-Level marketing programs.

All these significant differences show you why KineticGold is positioned to make a real difference in your life. Using the right banking platform, for the right reasons, will help you to prepare for some pretty unpredictable times ahead.

And last of all is an on-going income stream that is coming to you, not because of having to make constant purchases of unwanted products, but using a new banking system to pay your existing expenses, and because of simple referrals to an organization that thinks like you.

At last there is a company you can look forward to working with.