Gold Diggers is the association that is focused on making our members aware of opportunities in investments, banking and financing. It will do this in the form of a monthly newletter that is sent to all of it's members detailing information about various opportunities, programs, their risks and potential rewards along with a a detailed 'how-to' method to get involved if you are interested.
There are no requirements for members of the Gold Digger's association to participate within any opportunity or program. This information is provided as 'information' only and is not to be construed as investment advise. All member's need to do their own due dilligence to determine if any particular opportunity fit's with your investment goals and/or styles, limits and desires.
Gold Digger Association Benefits are detailed as follows:
  • Members will receive the monthly Gold Digger's Association newsletter.
  • As opportunities or programs become available to Members, the website will be immediately updated along with an announcement in the monthly newsletter.
  • Some of the programs offered to our Members will be exclusive to our members, but that will not always be the case.
  • Gold Digger's Association will track 'sponsorship' of its members that can be utilized by the various programs offered to it's members
  • Any financial benefits from participation within a program referred by Gold Diggers will be paid directly to the participants by the sponsoring program. Gold Digger's doesn't pay any benefits to its members.
  • Gold Digger's will only be offering information and training to its members.
  • Kinetic Gold has entered into an agreement with the Gold Diggers Association to provide exclusive benefits to the members of the Association.
    • Association Members will receive a FREE KineticGold Gold-backed cryptocurrency account.
    • Association Members will receive a FREE ($25 value) e-wallet which can access this account
    • Association Members will receive a banking account at an offshore bank ($1000 value) affiliated with KineticGold.
      • Your account is linked with your KineticGold account.
      • Your account is denominated in ounces of Gold.
      • Gold in in storage at a secure vault in Dubai.
      • Account is insured to the full amount of deposit.
      • Association Members will be provided a FREE Mastercard/Visa Debit card ($50/year value) associated with it.
      • You set the limit that can be spent per transaction.
      • This type of account is normally not available and would be quite expensive to obtain ($50,000 minimum opening balance to non-members of the Association)
      • No minimum opening balance for association members
      • No minimum balance to maintain account for Association Members
    • The banking account will interact directly with their cryptocurrency account.
    • The banking account will include a Debit card where you can access your accounts anywhere in the world through the Visa/Mastercard platform.
    • Association Members automatically qualify for KineticGold rewards program. Rewards are automatically credited into your rewards account at your offshore bank account.
    • Association Members can participate in KineticGold's profit sharing and mining program
    • Establish and update your down-line for Profit-Sharing within the Blockchain.
      • Awards for deposits is controlled by the Blockchain
      • Profit-Sharing is controlled by the Blockchain
  • Help you Promote your downline organization
    • Make members aware of Association Events
      • Training on how Kinetic Gold works
      • Training on sponsoring your organization
  • Maintain the downline organization
    • You can see who is in your downline at the GoldDiggers website.
    • You can contact members of your downline through the GoldDiggers website.
  • Gold Diggers will have products to promote KineticGold and the Association but none of them will be required to purchase under any situation.

All these significant differences show you why the Gold Diggers Association is positioned to make a real difference in your life. Using the right banking platform, for the right reasons, will help you to prepare for some pretty unpredictable times ahead.

And last of all is a potential on-going income stream that is coming to you, not because of having to make constant purchases of unwanted products, but using a new banking system to pay your existing expenses, and because of simple referrals to an organization that thinks like you.

At last there is a company you can look forward to working with.