Eco-nomix is a new startup that has been designed from the ground-up to eliminate the member Churn that MLM's typically experience. If you don't know what I'm talking about - member Churn is the member turnover that takes place in an organization as member's give up, fail and drop out. Analysis of the major MLMs finds that 60-90% of the total membership drop out annually and need to be replaced.
For me, it was always getting close to some organization goal, only to have my down-line dropping out as fast as I could recruit replacements. That is really frustrating, and the bottom line, it costs you serious big bucks.
A good example of a system that works is a grocery store discount card. About a year ago, after a move to a new state, I looked at my keychain and I had over 10 different grocery store discount cards on it. Why didn't I throw them away earlier? Well I MIGHT just go to that store, and would want to get the discount. Besides, it didn't cost me anything to keep them around, so on they stayed. When I looked at them closely there were cards there I hadn't used in years, and they still would have been there, if there was that store within a 100 miles of me.
What does it cost someone in your downline to participate in your MLM opportunity on a monthly basis? Each time a member has to write out a check or send a payment in, they will re-evaluate do they really want to keep doing this. If they are making more money each month than it costs them, they will stick around, as long as it doesn't costs too much in their time.
I saw a study on the major MLM's and the average member was making just $13.00 per month. Now that is just not enough to write home to mom about. Especially when they had to buy $20 or more in products to qualify to receive commissions.
Is your garage getting full of products that you intend to sell, but every time you find someone interested enough to buy them, they become a member to get the discount? Well that sounds great as they are in your downline, until they go away, never having bought your products, you never made a dime off them and your garage is just getting fuller and fuller, because you have to purchase so much every month, more than you use.
Do you really want to buy those products? The better question is would you buy them if you weren't a member trying to maintain a monthly sales requirement? If the answer is no, then those products are truly a cost of doing business. If you are one of the lucky few that is making more money than it costs them to operate (the vast majority), then it might be working for you.
Any question why there is so much member churn out there?
Eco-nomix is introducing a whole new way of doing business, one where there is no motivation for your down-line to get discouraged and quit your organization. What would happen to your organization size if everyone simply stayed? Over time it would grow to be HUGE. And that could translate to a significant income for you.
Well what is Eco-nomix all about? It is a company that specializes in products that will help an individual to become more independent in food production, energy production, water purification, survival, camping, health and all sorts of related areas using products that are ecological green and friendly in nature.
But it is marking its products through MLM with a difference.
First of all, there is no cost at all to become a member of Eco-nomix. Just Register to be a Member. Once you are a member you can earn Referral Bonuses.
All income is generated through referral bonuses. What do you have to do to receive a referral bonus?
  • Refer someone - that's the first step
  • Someone within 5 generations of your referrals makes a purchase. After all purchases are what drives a MLM company.
That's it.
The bonuses work out to be what we call the '10-4 Good Buddy Plan'
  • 1st generation (your direct referrals) - you receive 10% of the sales price (no shipping or sales tax)
  • 2nd Generation (referrals made by your first generation) - you receive 4% of the sales price
  • 3rd Generation - you receive 4% of the sales price
  • 4th Generation - you receive 4% of the sales price
  • 5th generation - you receive 4% of the sales price.
Every member automatically earns these bonuses regardless of the size of their organization or personal purchases.
The bonuses are credited immediately at the time of sale to all 5 generations.
The bonuses of Fully Registered Members (no cost to register) can be used to purchase any of Eco-nomix's products. This means that anyone can benefit from being a member of Eco-nomix without any cost at all out of their pocket.
In addition, Fully Registered Members may puchase an Eco-Nomix Payroll Debit Card. The Earned Bonuses may be transferred onto the Payroll debit card, so they can be utilized when you want, where you want, at any location a standard debit or credit card can be used. The cost of this Payroll Debit Card may be deducted from earned Referral Bonuses, therefore no risk at all.
Business cards may also be paid for through earned Referral Bonuses. Therefore there is NO FINANCIAL RISK to participate in the entire Eco-nomix system.

Members may elect to purchase the business cards and / or Payroll Debit Cards before there are sufficient earnings to accelerate their organization and make it more convenient for purchases, but even that is just a $35.00 fee for the products.
Now lets see what you don't have to do.
  • No direct selling of products - all sales are done through the site.
  • No minimum personal sales requirements.
  • No collection of money
  • No required marketing meetings
  • No minimum number in your organization to 'qualify'
  • No purchasing of product you don't want or need
  • No stocking of inventory
  • No confusing Marketing plan
  • No Waiting for the check that is in the mail.
  • No hidden Fees
  • No hard sell - hand out a business card, let the site do the work for you.
Think about it, once someone is a member there is no reason for them to quit. It costs them nothing to maintain their membership, just like the grocery store discount card and if a sales ever takes place - BONUS. They get an income. How often does that have to happen for them to maintain interest? Even if it is just a few dollars - pizza money, they will like it.
People can register for free, and even build an organization with $0 out of pocket expenses. Once their income starts to come in through the Referral Bonuses, they can purchase their business cards and obtain their Payroll Debit card with no out of pocket expenses. Once income starts to come in, would someone have a reason to quit?
Your downline doesn't go away. If they ever purchase anything from eco-nomix, you get your bonus, no exceptions, even years from now. The income doesn't flow to the top to some original member that is making an outrageous income.
So how wide can you go? Unlimited. Because of the ease of becoming a member, the ability to 'test drive' with the company with no out of pocket expense, the zero cost of becoming a member, the odds are significantly improved for someone willing to join your organization. Your business card contains a url that when used, automatically gives you the credit for any sale or membership that results from it, even it they don't make the decision now, but later, even if they then use the standard url.
To start your ‘Test Drive’, simply register, as part of the process, a confirmation email will be sent to you, click on the link in that email, and you will be ready to login.
Once you login, your Referral Link can be found on the website, under the Business Plans tab, then select Referral Links. This can be used like an affiliate link and placed in emails, websites, or anyway you would normally promote another site, but in this case, not only do you benefit from the direct sales, but if they join and recruit others, you receive additional compensation. Can you imagine 5 generations of affiliate bonuses?
If you can go really wide, what about each of your downline? They have exactly the same opportunity that you do. With five generations in your downline, your organization can get to the thousands of members very quickly. Remember this is a totally new company with unlimited growth opportunities. You are probably the first one in your area.
We all have seen the charts and potential associated with exponential growth, now become part of a company that makes that growth possible.
Jay, CEO Eco-nomix.