Rewards Program
As a new banking platform, KineticGold is providing an exciting Rewards program that is available to all members of the Gold Diggers Association. This program is restricted to members of that Association.
It is simple to qualify for the Rewards Program, as a member of Gold Diggers Association, just use KineticGold as your bank account.
Whenever you make a deposit into KineticGold you will automatically receive a reward of 10% of whatever amount you deposited. This will continue for as long you have a KineticGold account.
Your reward will be placed into your rewards account with a 6 month maturity in KineticGold's Off-shore Bank.
KineticGolds rewards accounts pay an interest of 6% / year, compounded monthly with a 6 month maturity. Note, other maturity periods are available for direct deposits into your rewardss at various interest rates.
Once the maturity period is over, your rewards may be transferred to your regular account which is accessible by your Debit Card and your on-line account.
Once matured, you may also roll-over your savings into other Rewards programs with interest and maturity periods.
Since rewardss accounts are denominated in Gold, as the price of Gold in fiat currency increases, the value of your rewardss will also increase. This is in addition to any interest that is paid.
There is no other requirement necessary to receive this reward, other than use your account. Without making any adjustments to your income or how you spend money, you profit by using KineticGolds Rewards program.
Now lets see what you don't have to do.
  • No direct selling of products - all sales are done through the site.
  • No minimum personal sales requirements.
  • No collection of money
  • No required marketing meetings
  • No minimum number in your organization to 'qualify'
  • No purchasing of product you don't want or need
  • No stocking of inventory
  • No confusing Marketing plan
  • No Waiting for the check that is in the mail.
  • No hidden Fees
Even you can benefit from this. Even from Day One, with no sales organization at all