Product Selection

The products carried by KineticGold are not typically carried by your local retailers. We specialize in products that are made from recycled materials, helping you reduce your carbon footprint. Products are also offered to help you produce your own 100% organic foods, improve your gardening experience, and eliminate impact of pesticides in your families heath. Another product area is helping you to reduce toxic levels of unhealthy materials in your food, water and home. This off course promotes healthier living. We also offer products to help you reduce the power demands of your home and produce your own power, including solar and wind turbines. You will also see products to improve your existing cars mileage and reduce pollution. In addition, we are sources for multi-fuel back-up generators, to keep your lights on, when everything else fails. Specialty Camping and Survival products are also offered.

The basic idea is to help you create a lifestyle that is in tune with nature, that is 100% sustainable and as independent as possible while helping to reduce the negative impact to the environment. Any product that can help you live better, on or off the grid, increase your spirituality, help you get through hard times and prepare for the future will eventually be available aKineticGoldix.

In addition, member's may create their own stores, botiques, etc and offer unique and customized products that are one of a kind and fit the general types of products carriedKineticGoldomix.