@ Economix Spiritual Benefits
As we become more self-sufficent and our daily emotions start to get off the daily roller-coaster, we start to discover that there is another side to us, our Spiritual side.
I'm not speaking of any particular religion or set of beliefs, but the general awareness that there is much more out there, than our personal needs and desires. Many feel a great expansion of one's self as they start to seek answers beyond their own personal boundaries.
I have found many people that have achieved a sense of 'peace' as they have explored the universe that goes beyond their sense of touch and smell. I don't think it matters so much how you go about this exploration, but that you do it. It may be expressed within a religeous belief, or a sense of wonder as you walk in the forest, or even a ceremonial dance, any way, your life is enhanced by a spiritual path.
Eliminating many of the world's distractions is one of the purposes of Eco-nomix, so that you can explore your inner self and arrive at a true peace, not at some point in the indefinite future, but now.