Stores - Stone Lantern
The Stone Lantern was created to continue the legacy of grandmother's dream, The original shop was the most magical place in west LA in the 1940's. She was an artist of up-cycling and Cosmic Collage. We offer eclectic books, objects and originals.

My Grandmother Virginia Artell Cambell was the American Artist and Stone Lantern Bookstore and Gallery owner in the 40's in West Los Angeles, Even though I only met her once, when she was at the end of her life and I was only 8, I have come to understand that she was indeed a pioneer cosmic creative. and a ARTIST of living in every way. I am discovering that being a visionary Artist and Maker is in my DNA. This is a LEGACY gallery resurrected thru modern technology that my Grandmothers vision may live on. The magical items that you can find here bring the wisdom of HER WORLD and HERSTORY back to life and into YOURS.

I AM Ms. V. Haven, American ARTIST, Entrepreneur and Humorist. I see the world in a way that brings appreciation and value, I collect what some may see as trash and restore its spirit so it can live again as treasure. I see the truth and beauty in the world.