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HELP ME, HELP MUSE. Together we can put the fun in funding! We have wonderful items large and small that were granted to us, so that we can assist amazing people and the passion projects that will pioneer creative solutions and motivate future generations

Do you have to have cancer to have a dream? This gallery will offer items and services that will create profit sharing for the support services and FUNDS to provide one of a kind scholarships to Muses of all ages. Be part of the legacy of empowering The MUSES who have a vision and a mission to BE the change that we want to SEE in the world. Behold the items be OLD or NEW, Bartered or Blue...We have a way to create a win /win /win for YOU!

Ms V Haven is a MUSE WRANGLER who believes that the MODERN MUSE is the great endangered species of our time.The ones who the world needs to be the birth of a notion. Inspire, Enlighten, Entertain and Educate.
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